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Corporate Law


This area is a major focus of Gouvêa Vieira Advogados. The firm has, during its history, advised domestic and international clients in the implementation and development of their businesses and helped them define the most appropriate structure as defined by the needs of each client. The firm brings extensive experience to all matters relating to business and corporate law from setting up a new company to the complex processes of corporate restructuring, as well as matters related to commercial and financial operations.

GVA advises clients on matters related to regulatory agencies, including the Brazilian Central Bank, Brazilian Securities Commission, Superintendence of Private Insurance and the National Health Insurance commission.

The business and corporate law team consists of highly skilled professionals able to serve companies involved in various sectors of the economy.

Activities of our Business Law office includes:

Corporate Law

The firm has extensive experience in the field of corporate law, working on the formation of companies and consortia in general, as well as in Mergers & Acquisitions and companies consolidation or spinoffs. GVA participates throughout the entire process, from planning the structure to implementation of corporate charters. Our professionals are engaged in meeting the routine demands of our corporate clients as well as aiding in more complex operations and providing full-support customer service. With fluency in several languages, our lawyers advise business groups from emerging to established international firms with the highest degree of excellence.

Foreign Investment

Gouvêa Vieira Advogados has extensive experience in all matters relating to foreign investment in Brazil, and much of its clientele consists of foreign companies. The firm guides clients about investments, providing all the necessary support for effective inflow of foreign capital in Brazil and working with the Bank of Brazil in registering and monitoring of foreign investment. GVA even operates in matters related to foreign exchange markets, constantly seeking solutions for their customers' transfer and repatriation of funds and provides defense of the administrative processes related to foreign exchange.

International Trade

GVA represents and advises Brazilian and foreign clients on matters of international trade including guidance on the applicability of various laws, the legal basis for negotiations, assistance in obtaining permits to export and solutions with more favorable tax treatment, as well as questions regarding financing and procedures agents.

Insurance and Reinsurance

The firm works extensively in insurance and reinsurance and related issues in Brazil, including obtaining any permit or registration required. GVA is familiar with everyday problems pertaining to business and security related rules.

With the recent opening of the reinsurance market, GVA has maintained a prominent position - having advised major groups in Brazil, including the first reinsurer authorized to act in the country. The firm is familiar with the everyday problems pertaining to business and security, and advises clients about regulations related to reinsurance including: the formulation registration and monitoring processes of companies and reinsurance brokers. As well, GVA writes clients contracts and provides representation before regulators in the industry.

Outsourcing of Legal Departments

Noting the difficulty of management and increased costs in maintaining legal departments, particularly for large companies that depend on receipt of reports and coordination of monitoring processes across several states and cities in Brazil, GVA has specialized in and perfected the concept of the outsourcing of legal departments, offering customers greater efficiency, quality and lower costs.

GVA is prepared to develop all legal activities demanded by our clients and provides trained and solely dedicated professionals to work synergistically with clients' own employees. The outsourcing service offered by the legal departments of GVA to its customers includes the use of associated partnership firms located both domestically and abroad, selected because of their efficiency that has been demonstrated in our multi-year relationships.

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