Practice Areas

Labor Employment and Social Security

GVA's performance in the area of labor and social security unites experienced and qualified professionals who are able to provide advice on labor and social security issues, including prevention (review of the procedures adopted by companies and departments) and litigation (administrative and judicial), with emphasis on corporate law (mergers, acquisitions and restructurings), especially in matters relating to employment (individual and collective contracts, employees and partners, directors of corporations, expatriates), safety and occupational health, collective bargaining, labor relations, international labor law, conventions and international treaties.

In the context of prevention, our office assists clients in identifying critical issues, analyzing procedures in the management of human capital and  auditing outsourced service providers, in order to reduce possible risks.

In the field of litigation, the firm has a tradition of sponsoring companies which demand high economic and strategic significance, providing a framework for monitoring processes in regional and country wide matters. 

Recently, the firm has become an important player in the litigation of scale segment, assisting clients with specialized, efficient and quality work; and providing  administrative information that is always current and accurate, following our standards of technical excellence in service.

Our firm operates nationwide, with support from correspondents in several states. 

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