Practice Areas

Scale Litigation

Gouvêa Vieira Advogados has a team of highly trained professionals to assist their clients in managing their enterprise-scale litigation. 

Noting the difficulty of management and increased costs in maintaining in-house legal departments, GVA has specialized and perfected the concept of outsourcing legal departments, providing clients with greater efficiency, quality and lower costs.

Our firm is prepared to serve customers with large-scale lawsuits filed against them at costs competitive for nationwide service, maintaining the same service excellence that has made the brand Gouvêa Vieira Advogados a tradition in the legal environment. 

Our team is ready to develop all legal activities demanded by the client, providing trained professionals to work in total synergy with their employees. Our focus is ensuring our clients a high quality benchmark for this market. We are concerned mainly with control of clients' processes, whether in relation to legal information, and management in order to facilitate the reduction of its stock actions. 

Our team has extensive experience in audit processes, supporting customers across the entire range of litigation, and the analysis of the risks involved. 

The area of Corporate Litigation involves the use of an alliance of offices associated with GVA in Brazil and abroad, selected by the efficiency demonstrated in by multi-year relationships.


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