Practice Areas

Environmental Law


Gouvêa Vieira Advogados accompanies the constant evolution of environmental law to allow the competitiveness of enterprises and strategic management of the environment.

Assistance and guidance, preventive or remedial, GVA works with environmental agencies for the licensing of industrial activities and / or business that require the protection of the environment, carrying out environmental impact studies, public hearings for licensing negotiations Adjustment Agreements Conduct (TACs) and commitment to environmental agencies and the prosecutors.

GVA also assists and guides clients for the legal treatment of effluents, disposal of waste, remediation of environmental liabilities, decontamination of soil, air and water for ecological management of species, etc..

Our firm conducts due diligence to support the decision to acquire companies and / or potentially polluting facilities, identifying environmental risks and liabilities, to protect our clients positions.

Administrative law - assistance and guidance from the various environmental agencies, IBAMA, ICMBio, INEA, including development of defenses in administrative proceedings, tax assessment notices, inquiries and civil proceedings.

Litigation - assistance and advocacy for clients in disputes involving environmental issues, either those involving the federal prosecutor's office or the state, or in cases brought by their own environmental agencies at federal, state or municipal levels as well as by NGOs and other associations.

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